French Door Repair and Glass Replacement

As a reputable French door repair company, Beka offers top-notch services for door glass replacement, repair, and installation. Our skilled technicians are well-equipped to handle all types of glass French doors, ensuring efficient and reliable solutions for our customers.

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Our French Door Glass Replacement & French Door Repair Services

At Beka, we understand the importance of easy access to your backyard, which is why we offer a range of elegant French exterior doors. Our services include replacing, repairing, and maintaining various types of screen doors, such as sliding, folding, swinging, and French doors. Additionally, we specialize in taking care of French door hardware mechanisms to ensure their longevity.

With just one call to Beka, you can have one of our insured and qualified professionals address any issues with your French door, including sticking, sagging, squeaking, dents, damage, or leaks. Our team is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient French door repair services.

We offer comprehensive door replacement services that include replacing damaged doors, frames, door knobs, and window panes. Our range of custom glass solutions is specifically designed to meet the unique installation requirements of French doors, ensuring a perfect fit and enhanced aesthetics.

With our expertise and knowledge, we are able to provide unique designs and customized replacements for doors, including specialized glass panes for French door window pane replacement and glass repair. Our commitment to quality ensures that we deliver exceptional solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We prioritize the meticulous repair of hardware and embellishments, ensuring that every detail is handled with precision. With our extensive tools and expertise, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results and restore the functionality and beauty of your doors.

Common French Door Issues We Help with

We specialize in addressing any issues you may encounter with your French doors, such as broken hinges, screws, or opaque windows. Our skilled team is here to provide prompt and effective solutions to keep your French doors in optimal condition.

We understand that repairing a rotten door frame requires removing and replacing the affected wood. Our skilled team will carefully cut away the rotten section and install a new door frame if necessary, ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of your door.

We specialize in French door glass repair and can address issues like condensation between window panes. Our experienced technicians will identify the cause of the condensation and, if possible, repair the affected glass pane, providing a cost-effective solution that saves you time and money compared to replacing the entire door.

We offer top-notch French door glass replacement services, allowing you to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your doors while keeping the existing frames intact. Our commitment to quality ensures your satisfaction with our superior French door window replacement solutions.

FAQs about French Door Repair

Our skilled technicians are equipped to perform efficient on-site French door glass replacements, typically taking only a few hours for simple repairs that do not require ordering additional parts. We strive to minimize the disruption to your daily routine and ensure a prompt resolution to your French door glass replacement needs.

We understand the importance of a timely glass replacement for French doors. While the duration of the replacement may vary depending on whether the glass needs to be ordered and the French door replaced, our team works diligently to complete the process as quickly and efficiently as possible, typically taking a few hours for double-pane or single-pane glass replacement.

Clients Reviews

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Danielle RamosDanielle Ramos
16:37 26 Nov 22
I had weather stripping replaced on my windows. Shamil did a great job!! Everyone on staff was so kind and helpful. I would highly recommend Beka window. Customer service was impeccable.
14:51 19 Oct 22
I wanted to take a minute to thank Beka window and their team for the excellent service and repair they recently completed on a bay window in my kitchen.The windows were 20 year old Pella windows which suffered water leaks causing wood rot not only on the bottom of the frames but the inside wood ledge. The wood rot was so bad the window was sagging in the existing frame.Everything was replaced to look like the original install, painted, and cleaned in a timely manner. I only wish I took before/after photos to show their work, the wood rot was quite bad.I will have them out in the spring to repair another similar window needing attention.Thank you again, you saved me a lot of money!
Palani SolaiPalani Solai
20:26 17 Apr 22
My outdoor frames and the frame around the garage door were rotten which you can clearly see in the pictures. Shama had done an excellent jobs fixing them. Very professional and charged reasonably, he even gave a discount. He also painted the frames that he didn’t fix without any additional charges. I would highly recommend Shama and his company.
21:33 26 Mar 20
Shamil is the best! We had a mishap with broken glass in a window of our very old house. He came out the same day to repair it. Painted the frame back to its original color and cleaned up any trace of broken glass. We will definitely use him to replace the other single paned windows in our home. I highly recommend him.
Janet KaczorJanet Kaczor
16:35 21 Nov 19
Samuel did an excellent job. I have a 1920s home with neglected beautiful old double hung windows. He restored the windows and refinished replaced the original brass hardware. Cracked panes and woodwork was seamlessly repaired.The nonfunctional painted over chains and weights were also replaced. I can now open both the upper and lower windows. I had looked into replacement windows but not only where they expensive, none of them ( even high end marvins) matched the original charm of my original windows. I'm not aware if any other company that does this.
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